Total Mouth Makeover! Jenny tells the story of her Invisalign® transformation thanks to Dr. Wesley Christian, DDS of Blue Springs, MO!

It’s Transformation Tuesday and today we’re spotlighting our Invisalign® patient, Jenny McCon!


  When Jenny came in for an Invisalign® consultation with Dr. Wesley Christian just over a year ago, she didn’t have any idea just how easy it would be for her to get the smile she’d always dreamed of.  She’d known for many years that she wanted to take the leap and get the work done that would give her a confident smile. However, the timing never seemed to be right and fear kept her from making the call.  Would she need braces?  How long would it take? Could she afford it? What would she look like during the process? Would it be worth it in the end?  These were all the questions that ran through her mind, and all questions that Dr. Christian’s team made sure to answer from the very first consultation.  Now, a year later, Jenny is blown away by the results and has a most contagious and beautiful smile!  Are Jenny’s questions the same questions you’ve wondered about yourself?  Are you ready to start asking?  Our team is here to educate you on your best options and to help you improve your smile, and ultimately your life!  Contact Dr. Wesley Christian’s or Dr. Nikki Christian’s office today and schedule your consultation for your Invisalign®!

Click below to watch the story of Jenny’s total mouth makeover!

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Total Mouth Makeover! Curtis Thurston Tells The Story of His Total Transformation Thanks to Dr. Nikki Christian, DDS of Independence, MO!

Have you ever wanted the chance to rewrite a part of your story?  Has there always been that one thing that’s just out of reach, or that one piece of the puzzle that always turns up missing? You know if you could just make that leap, everything would start to look a little different.  Eventually, we learn that taking the leap is worth it!

This was the case with our patient, Curtis.  He was born with hypodontia of his two Upper Lateral Incisors.  What that means is that two of his front teeth never came in.  A common cosmetic treatment for this problem was to create a false tooth with wings on each side, also known as a Maryland bonded bridge, and attach it to the bridge’s two neighboring teeth.  For it’s time, this treatment was sufficient as a temporary fix to the problem. But unfortunately, these bridges were not meant to withstand all of  the speaking, laughing, smiling, or tasting that happens in a lifetime.  Bridges can become easily detached and are subject to discoloration over time.  This treatment is far from perfect, but for a long time, Curtis was left with little options to choose from.  But now, after spending nearly half his life dealing with the nuisance of bridges and teeth that hadn’t quite reached their potential, Curtis is finally getting the chance to take back his smile.

curtis front

With the help of Dr. Nikki Christian, DDS, Curtis was able to receive a restorative dental treatment that finally got him away from the bridges and left him with a permanent, glowing smile.  Watch the story unfold and see his brand new smile here!

IMG_2499 IMG_2504

You’ve heard Curtis’ story.  Now it’s time to tell yours.  Everyday, our patients are experiencing these kinds of life-changing transformations.  What are you waiting for?  Contact us right now and rediscover your reason to smile!

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