Your Story: Camryn Upgrades Her Smile with Implants

Being a parent often means going above and beyond for your child’s happiness and health.  We want more than anything to see our children at their absolute best and to know that we’ve done everything we can to help our them step out into the world with confidence.  For our patient Camryn’s mother, she knew that helping Camryn to achieve a functional and beautiful smile was the best way to give her that confidence we all want for our children.

Camryn was born with two missing upper front teeth.  For a long time, she wore a removable appliance to mimic the two missing teeth.  Although it helped for a while, the appliance was not functional for eating and it was a bit of a bulky nuisance. This wasn’t an ideal or convenient solution for a young teenage girl!

Camryn’s mother wanted to her daughter to be happy with her smile, so she came to Dr. Wesley Christian for some answers. The solution was to outfit Camryn’s mouth with two permanent implants and then seal those implants with crowns.  The implants would offer her chewing functionality and greatly improve the appearance of her smile.

Watch below to see Camryn’s story and her smile in progress!


c swanson 3

Have you been thinking about having dental work done? You might be surprised at how easy it can be! Contact us now and let’s get working on your greatest accessory – your smile!

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