Halloween Candy Buyback – Now through November 6th!

Halloween Jack o Lantern pail overflowing with candy; Shutterstock ID 219208924; PO: today.com

The spookiest time of year is once again upon us!  Ghouls and witches and glowing jack-o-lanterns have found their way into the neighborhoods.  Pretty soon, werewolves and vampires alike will be roaming the streets in search of the scariest thing of all: Halloween Candy!


We know, we know; who doesn’t love a good round of trick or treat?  The answer is no one! But all that candy can wreak havoc on your children’s mouths. (And yours too. We all know those pots get raided as soon as the kids are in bed!)

A few years ago, we dentists figured out a way for kids to have the best of both worlds.  We began participating in a candy buyback program.  Because it turns out that candy isn’t a child’s only love.  They’re pretty fond of money, too.  We’re happy to announce that this year, we’ll once again be offering our buyback program!

All you have to do is bring your kids into either of our offices and we’ll offer them $1 for every pound of candy that’s received!  That means happy teeth and happy parents! What’s more, you’ll have happy children who will literally think they are rich. That sounds like a Happy Halloween to us because this:

is much better than this:

And we haven’t even told you the best part!  All of your candy donations will be sent overseas to our troops as part of Operation Gratitude.  We’re also encouraging the kids to write letters to the soldiers to accompany their donations!

Come in anytime between now and November 6th and we’ll buy your candy!

Happy Haunting!
Bleeding gums! Ahhhhh!!!!


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